The Vapour Blasting Process

The Vapour Blasting Process

The process of vapour blasting or wet blasting as it is referred to, involves an abrasive media that is carried by water at a high flow rate. Air is introduced at the nozzle at a high volume to increase the velocity of the abrasive/water mixture or slurry across the surface to be cleaned. The water cushions the abrasive media and allows it to flow across the surface, cleaning the surface of contaminants and corrosion while leaving the original topography of the part. This process leaves the part with a satin non porous finish that only wet blasting can achieve.

Vapour blasting is the best way to achieve the original finish especially on non-ferrous and cast alloy components like motorcycle engine cases, cylinder heads, cylinders, carburetors, forks and wheels. 

SANE Motion Vapour Blasting Cabinet has a large interior workspace of 30"Wx30"Dx28"H. The cabinet door is 25"Wx21.5"H. It can accomadate a wide variety of motorcycle parts, automotive parts, as well as most motorsport engine parts that you want to look like new again. We also use an anti-corrosion additive in the slurry to keep your parts from corroding.


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